Benjamin Armstrong


Committed to being honest and straightforward, Ben takes great pleasure in being a good listener and an easy communicator. He likes to be part of the team, bringing people together and helping out whenever and however he can; “I don’t like to see people struggle, so I help them find solutions and move forward.” Ben has a keen awareness of the big picture even when he’s head-down in the details; “Being involved at the top level of a small business from early in my career gives me a broad perspective that is helpful here at BGL.” Passionate about being of service, Ben likes to make sure people are comfortable in their work and that the business is running smoothly.

Ben brings ten years of entrepreneurial experience to his work at BGL. A small business specialist, Ben has a wealth of experience in both financial and creative projects. He is responsible, organized and detail oriented and helps keep BGL running smoothly and efficiently.

Ben received his BS in Business Administration, Majoring in Marketing, from the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington DC.