Engaging Your Workforce to Create a Magnetic Workspace

How do employers bridge the generational gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials? What lessons can we learn from the successful workspaces of companies like Google and Apple? These are the questions posed in an article by Greg Dekker, Director of Workspace Strategy for Teknion, for liveinthegrey.com. In it, he argues that there are 5 steps in creating a magnetic workspace that will appeal to younger workers.

  1. Ask! Before making unilateral plans, ask your employees what they think about your plans. Their answers might surprise you and they may have insights of which you are unaware.
  2. Engage! Think of engaging as the follow-up to asking. It’s a collaborative process of implementing a plan that your team can build together.
  3. Discard Assumptions! Set aside what you know and start at square one. What was true in 1990 may not be true anymore.
  4. Journey Outside the Box! Be open to new ideas that could ‘magnetize workers.’
  5. Ask Again! Now that your workspace project is complete, follow up with your employees on a regular basis. What’s working? What’s not working? How can we improve?

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